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Boat Transportation Guide

Looking for a boat transportation solution for a particular project, but feeling overwhelmed with a large amount of vessel options available online, and difficulty discerning what would best suit your needs? Here at Polaris Marine, we pride ourselves on being the market leaders in marine transport, offering sizable fleets of both tugboats and workboats for hire at a competitive price. Whether your upcoming job involves offshore towage, marine construction, silt curtain installation, overall project support or anything in between, rest assured we have got you covered with our quality fleet of reliable vessels, such as the ones below.


Looking for a boat that can not only transport but also lifts heavy materials? For projects around the harbour that are smaller in scale, look no further than either the Polaris or Leona. Both multi-purpose workboats have 2.9-tonne cranes and a double winch system.

Looking for a boat that can not only transport but also lifts heavy materials?
Another nifty vessel is the Tarma, which also boasts a crane and barge, and is also great as a Bunker barge and is capable of carrying up to 18,000L of fuel.

Next up is the Zostera: equipped with a two-tonne winch system, this heavy-duty vessel serves as an excellent working platform and has a high degree of manoeuvrability thanks to its twin outboards. The last of our reliable workboats is Caity Z. This trusty vessel is ideal for high-speed crew transfers, hard to access sites and general small-scale project support such as bottom surveying and fast response capabilities.


As Australia’s marine industry players with over 25 years of experience, towing is one of the key services we provide at Polaris Marine. No matter how unique or challenging your project needs are, you can be sure we have an appropriate tugboat to suit your boat transportation needs. Together with our skilled and experienced crew, our service is just as good as our extensive fleet.

One example of a quality tugboat that comes fully equipped is the Leaders Creek. This 22m long beauty is versatile and perfect for offshore towing, including internationally. Another such utility tug is the Edi, which is able to carry out ploughing and sweep bar operations.

Even bigger still is our Molly Grace – this clever tugboat has been modified to adapt to inshore operations such as dredging support, and as well offshore towing.

Fern Bay and Leveret are great boat transportation options. These quintessential tugboats operating on Sydney Harbour and on the coast of Australia, are known and loved for their ability to carry out many tasks including tug assists for ships and offshore towage.

Polaris Marine offers a variety of boat transportation vessels, including but not limited to the above, all with flexible hiring options. Selecting the right boat, be it a tug or workboat, is imperative for ensuring your job is completed efficiently, safely and effectively. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your Australian marine project.


How it Works: Towing Procedure for Tugboat

When considering the towing procedure for tugboat services with your upcoming marine project, the operation of such towing services in Australia are often complex and lengthy, as it directly impacts how ships, boats and vessels are directed in ports. Tugs are vessels that assist in safely and efficiently moving and directing ships in restricted bodies of water. Towage services are an essential part of many marine projects. These include not only steering ships through navigational channels, assisting in berth-related activities such as moving on, off and between separate berths, but also deep-sea towage and salvage work.

With Australia’s huge coastline, it’s clear to see how important towing procedure for tugboats are, as they assist ships, especially in difficult ports and restricted channels, whilst simultaneously protecting other nearby vessels and the surrounding in marine infrastructure from damage.

In regards to towing procedure for tugboats, it is usually best decided on a case-by-case basis, primarily depending on the type of environment and waterway in which a project is located and will be undertaken. Another factor to consider is the type of vessels that are involved, including the tug as well as the boat.

Many factors have to be considered relating to the towing procedure for tugboat. These include; the weather conditions and forecast, the size and efficiency of both tug and boat, and the port itself.  For example, harsh or difficult weather can have a huge impact on the safety of the project and the personnel working on or around the vessel. This means forecasts have to be monitored in detail, including the speed of any potential changes.  There are other clearance requirements that are imposed that are specific to the channels and berths, tidal patterns, working practices such as the timing of movements, and if there is a need to swing vessels. The size, maneuverability and design of the vessels will impact the towing procedure for tugboat.

Polaris Marine is proud to specialise in providing a range of tugboats for hire to suit the needs of your project. As well as helping you with selecting the right tug, we can also provide a team of professional and experienced personnel to operate the vessel. You can rest assured that by hiring a tugboat and tug crew from us, our dedicated team is aware and up to date with the towing procedure for tugboat, and that the equipment itself holds valid survey certificates. We have successfully assisted with and completed thousands of towage jobs at sea, around Australia and internationally, without incident, so you know your project is in safe hands.

Want to find out more information or see how we can help make your upcoming sea project a breeze? Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly team members about all your long or short distance towing needs.


Advantages of implementing a Silt Curtain to Your Project

Silt curtains are used to prevent marine pollution during construction projects. The floating curtains sit in waterways to contain mobilised soil and turbidity within a certain boundary, ensuring the water doesn’t turn murky or cloudy from suspended particles. These barriers are manufactured for dredging, marine construction, and to control sediment in bodies of water.

Polaris Marine offers silt curtain and turbidity control for a range of different shore side or offshore projects, with products to suit different environmental requirements including; open water and dredging curtains, turbidity containment booms, debris deflection and control, oil spill containment booms, site run-off solutions and PMCE joint ventures.



It is our responsibility to protect the environment where we can, and through turbidity control we can maintain the water quality and clarity. There are certain sites where turbidity can cause serious issues, so it crucial to implement silt curtains to a project that may affect ecologically sensitive habitats and nearby aquatic systems, water intakes used for cooling or desalination, as well as areas with socio-economic benefits. Implementing a secure silt curtain can help maintain the well-being of marine ecosystems, keeping them healthy and thriving, undisturbed.


The cost associated with upfront supply and installation is insignificant compared to damages incurred from failing to implement a silt curtain, damages to the environment, the construction project and legal fees from disregarding environmental regulations.


Polaris Marine’s vessels and barges are designed to handle any challenge or installation, wherever the location. With years of experience in silt curtain installation, it’s a reliable, fast and effective solution to preventing waterway pollution of fine sand, clay or other sediments that can be a result of construction activity.


Silt curtains not only provide protection for the environment, but for your business as well. It is imperative that your project complies with government regulations to avoid legal action and serious environmental and health issues if local water sources are disrupted.

Polaris Marine holds Health, Safety and Environment as paramount to its operating philosophy. The prevention of incidents and accidents is a fundamental requirement for management and is reinforced in communications with the teams and contractors. Polaris Marine sees a safe working environment as an essential prerequisite in this age.

To organise your silt curtain supply and installation, or to learn more about the products we offer, contact us at Polaris Marine.


3 Things To Consider When Choosing Marine Crane Hire Sydney

Deciding on a crane suitable for a project depends on three important aspects. Reach of the project’s height, the weight of the object and conditions of the construction site must be considered. The design of specific cranes have progressed and expanded to meet the complex needs of the modern industrial world, thus, there are many different types of cranes to be used in construction with different features and capabilities. So it’s important to know the details of the project your team is working on when deciding on the right crane for the job.

Here, we have outlined the three basic and most important elements to examine when selecting crane hire Sydney.

1. Reach

The height of the work will impact the type of crane necessary for the job and how the structure will be set. It is important to note the maximum height required for the crane’s reach. It must be determined to ensure a productive, effective and safe project for all involved on the worksite.

2. Weight

The capacity of the object that the crane needs to carry must be calculated in the decision-making process. Assessing the weight of the load will ensure the safety of workers and assist in determining a suitable crane with enough stability and power to execute the task. Once the weight is determined, consider the distance and radius which the object needs to be moved from the centre of rotation from the crane. It should be noted that the higher the reach is extended, the lower capacity the crane can bare.

3. Site Conditions

The third thing to consider is the conditions of the construction site and the terrain in which the project will be conducted.  Surrounding environment, weather conditions and circumstancing obstacles are factors that may change the type of crane needed for a project. Is there anything that may interrupt the work such as power lines, trees, homes or buildings. For marine construction, there must be a stable structure underneath to support the crane, meaning that the operation requires a barge to balance and secure the crane and the capacity of the load. Before getting started, assure that your team are properly qualified and able to operate the crane safely and efficiently and that the crane is ready to function on level ground. This is very important to consider for crane hire Sydney as you must be aware of metropolitan conditions.

From waterside construction deliveries, or transport of vehicle and construction equipment for commercial, residential and industrial work; to salvage solutions, rubbish or excavation collection and disposal and harbour towage, Polaris Marine has the right crane and barge hire options best suited for each project requirement.


Why it’s Important to Understand the Types of Marine Environments Before Beginning your Project

Legal and environmental requirements make it important to understand the types of marine environments before beginning your marine project. Areas close to ports, harbours, industrial or urban areas are more contaminated with pollution than more remote areas. These areas tend to be the types of marine environments that do not have as much marine life.

Types of marine environments that need to be protected

Areas that require the highest level of protection from pollution caused by man-made marine activities include fish nursery areas and coral reefs. These are areas which are usually incredibly abundant with aquatic life but are equally as vulnerable to being harmed by the introduction of pollution.

Where you can do marine project activities

Australia’s main objective is to protect the marine environment, so it is important for the government to consider each proposal case-by-case for activities like dredging. Always check with your local government and obtain any necessary permits before starting your marine project.

A permit for dredging or dumping when granted comes with conditions that you must follow to ensure the best outcome for the types of marine environments surrounding that project. Fall out of silt, sediment and debris into the water is inevitable, which is why the permit will specify the activity that is approved, the location where it will take place and the quantity of the material to be dredged along with the location of any disposal sites. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to implement any activities that the permit outlines, including providing monitoring and adaptive management, along with additional reporting if requested during the dumping and dredging process. The permit holder is responsible for any impacts that are a result of their activities. You can read more about the National Assessment Guidelines for Dredging here.

How to be more marine environmentally friendly

To help protect the marine environment during activities like dredging, inshore construction or pile driving, you need to consider the silt, sediment and debris that will be getting into the water. It is highly important to maintain the silt and turbidity to follow the environmental regulations during your marine project.

At Polaris Marine, we manufacture standoff brackets, tidal compensators and all mooring and anchoring for any shoreside or offshore condition to help with keeping in regulations and protecting the environment. Products and services we provide include open water and dredging curtains, turbidity containment booms, debris deflection and control, site run-off solutions and PMCE joint ventures.

By utilising the services and products listed above we can help you with your environmentally sensitive projects. At Polaris Marine, we have many years of experience when it comes to the installation of these products around dredging zones, marine construction sites and reclamation areas.

Want to know more? Contact us for more information today.


The Best Barge Rental Option For Your Project

When faced with a new project that requires a barge, selecting the right barge rental option is important to ensure safety, efficiency and sticking within a reasonable budget. Barges are a necessary tool and are handy for a number of different industries and tasks that require the transportation of freight on bodies of water. These are the critical elements to consider before going ahead with barge rental from Polaris Marine.

Polaris Marine is proud to be a market leader with a stellar reputation for providing tug and barge rental services to suit the needs of many companies around the coasts of Australia. Not only do we have seven different types of barges in our fleet, we also offer access to other privately owned vessels, thanks to our strong relationships with a broad network of owners.

The key aspect to note when wanting to select the best barge rental is the nature of the marine project you’re undertaking, as our selection of vessels is designed for varying uses. This mostly depends on the load of the cargo being transported, as well as the location and accessibility of the project itself.

For example, large-scale construction work or projects that require the transportation of very heavy loads are best suited to our powerful PM Southbarge, or theFPS-55-10.

Perhaps you are looking for a barge that cannot only transport but also lift heavy material? For marine projects such as these, our fleet boasts three types of crane barge rental options. TheTiny Titanis ideal for projects with tight access and with its Palfinger crane, is a smaller but versatile crane barge. Tangaroa and PM Melbourneare the large options, perfect for lifting and moving high-mass loads often found at construction sites, such as heavy tiles and sand.

If your work site has limited or difficult access,Fred Kelly is the mobile barge rental of choice. Alternatively, Our TAMBAI II barge is best suited when needing to transfer vehicles such as a semi-trailer – this mighty self-propelled land barge can move loads of up to 50 tonnes.

With over thirty years of industry experience in marine services, Polaris Marine is a proudly Australian company that can assist in your industrial or commercial project needs. Our barge rental options include crane barges, roll on/roll off barges, self-loading barges and flat deck cargo barges, giving you plenty of choice and flexibility.

Selecting the correct barge depends solely on the project that will be undertaken. We recommend getting the opinion of a professional barge rental supplier, who is experienced in these particular situations. Contact us to see how we can help.


Why Your Project Needs Waste Management Sydney

Your company’s waste can effectively benefit from a waste management Sydney service as a solution to removing waste from public areas, decreasing the impact of pollution and segregating recyclable and non-recyclable items. By reducing the consumption of natural resources, individuals and businesses can minimise the need for waste management and disposal in forms of landfills, combustion, plasma gasification, compost and recycling.

Our environment is in need of our protection and waste minimisation and avoidance is critical to maintaining a healthy community, but the unavoidable waste and excavation material that develops during projects from both residential and commercial sites. Polaris Marine provides a selection of cost-effective solutions; offering a selection of barges to hire, managing the disposal of the waste directly, and accommodating the client by their own means of removal.

Every business owner should have a waste management Sydney solution as a safe manner of collection, transportation, segregation, disposal and regulation. It’s important to understand why waste management is a significant aspect of your project and the benefits it can bring.

Benefits Of Waste Management


Through experienced waste disposal techniques, we can help keep our environment clean and free from garbage pollution.


Waste management for residential and commercial sites is a long-term investment in your business, project, and the community. The journal of waste management believes that waste management would top $60 million in revenue by 2018.


Effective waste management solutions undoubtedly support our earth and conserve energy in an eco-friendly and efficient way. Recycling uses minimal energy for utilizing and processing and reduces the use of natural resources. Your garbage can be used as a valuable resource, it is more than just disposing of waste; organic waste is segregated from non-recyclable and inorganic waste to create and eventually sell compost. Reusing items through recycled solutions reduce the need for future waste.


Our waste management Sydney service reduces the intensity of greenhouse gases emitted from accumulated waste, reduces fossil fuels and the cutting down of harmful elements that negatively affect the environment, as well as downsizing the amount of surrounding waste.


Waste management creates a raft of employment opportunities as the process requires manual labour. As an incentive to clean up, companies will pay for your collected waste where it is later sorted according to the level of pollution caused to the environment, segregated and recycled for different purposes. It’s a win-win situation, you can earn money while helping the environment! Implementing a successful waste management Sydney service will even make your business stand out from competitors through admired eco-friendly practices.


6 Things to Look Out For When Choosing a Barge Hire Company

1. A full range of services and equipment

When deciding on a barge hire company that’s right for you, it’s a good idea to consider the range of services and equipment they can offer in addition to barge hire. Whether you need waterside construction delivery and transportation, salvage solutions, waste collection and disposals or harbour towage, the company you choose should be able to deliver. Polaris provides all of these services with maximum efficiency to make your project as smoothly as possible.

2. Flexibility

A company that offers barge hire should be able to confidently accommodate all kinds of projects and events. At Polaris, the wide range of barges, boats and equipment – in addition to highly qualified crew – makes it possible to deliver products ranging from items as small as a generator to those as large as a shipping container.

3. Experience

Extensive experience in the industry tends to mean reliable services and top-quality equipment. It also means a diverse collection of barges, cranes and workboats that can get the job done in a more precise manner. Put your mind at ease with professional, expert personnel that can help you with any project. With 26 years of experience in the industry, Polaris has a wealth of experience to offer all clients.

5. Consultative capacity

It’s a good reflection of industry expertise and resources if a barge hire company can also provide consultative services. Polaris has a wide range of barges, cranes, deck lighters and hoppers available to suit your project, and can supply on/offshore turnkey projects – locally or internationally.

6. Reliability

Reliable service and equipment are absolutely essential when it comes to managing your projects. A barge hire company with high standards, excellent testimonials and lots of expertise is ideal. Polaris’ delivery services range from as far north as Manly to as far south as Sutherland and everything in between. Maintaining a tight schedule can be challenging in a marine environment but with decades of experience on the water, Polaris makes it possible.

For more information on how Polaris can help you, contact us.

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